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This is Mvnifest.

Before launching Mvnifest, our team founded and ran the consumer goods brand GIR for 10+ years. We did it all: product design, sourcing, manufacturing, creative, marketing, sales, customer service, fulfillment—every milestone on the road from concept to market. When GIR was acquired in 2021, we began helping other businesses do what we had done: manifest everything.

This is Mvnifest. We’re ready for you.

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We start with why.


We believe that everything is connected.
And that the more you can connect, the more you grow.


By understanding how all the puzzle pieces fit together, we provide holistic solutions that help your business grow today, and in the future.


Mvnifest is a full-stack platform for all your product development needs. We design, engineer, source, manufacture, manage, and fulfill products for all types of businesses.

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